Who We Are

PACE Strategic Development, LLC helps individuals, non-profit organizations and businesses to improve results and reach new levels of performance. Our results-focused approach positively impacts the individual and the entire organization.

Susan KonstantSusan Konstant created PACE Strategic Development, LLC in 2010 after 3 years of part-time executive consulting with organizations/businesses to achieve greater successes through strategic planning, professional development, succession and transition planning, leadership solutions, resource/fiscal sustainability development and improved management systems. She draws from her years as an educator, youth leadership and over 20 years experience with local and state-wide boards of directors, executive and other upper-level director positions and leadership roles to enhance personal improvement, organizational culture and operational structure. Susan’s empathy, commitment and passion for her clients’ missions while mobilizing and positioning them to maximize their full potential is the hallmark of her business.


PACE Strategic Development, LLC strives to be the premier strategic solutions company that develops long-term client relationships, optimizes individual and organizational potential and encourages continuous improvement to achieve higher levels of success.

Valued Commitments

PACE Strategic Development, LLC believes that maximizing our client’s potential is achieved when individuals and organizations build on their strengths and courageously visualize their opportunities. We recognize and respect the integrity of our clients as they commit to their own goals and higher levels of success while we commit to quality and consistent services that genuinely mobilize our customers’ objectives. PACE Strategic Development, LLC intentionally enters into only what we believe are sincere win-win relationships.

Our Commitment to Our Valued Clients is to exceed their expectations with personalized and customized processes that turn goals into reality. We pledge to assist organizations align and develop their plans, people and systems in order to gain a competitive edge and maximize their true potential.

Our Commitment to Our Company is to intentionally create a positive and innovative business culture while holding ourselves to the highest level of professional standards. As a certified consultant affiliate within the Resource Associates Corporation and their international network of senior-level business and executive development affiliates, we utilize RAC’s 30 plus years of field-tested processes, receive expertise support for customized client strategies and engage in the RAC professional development opportunities.

Our Commitment to Our Communities in which we operate is to be respectful and responsible corporate citizens who contribute time, financial and leadership opportunities that support and advocate community enhancement programs.

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Our customized professional development solutions align organizations and individuals with specific innovation strategies that accelerate cultural and structural goals toward measurable improved results.

Susan’s keen facilitation, innovative service delivery and sensible leadership style offers optimal impact and support that will allow your organization to grow, develop and achieve.

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An RAC Affiliate

An RAC Affiliate

PACE Strategic Development, LLC is affiliated with Resource Associates Corporation (RAC). We are world class leaders in:

  • Strategic planning and annual goal development
  • Business and management consulting
  • Life/business coaching and training
  • Youth leadership
  • Professional leadership development

We are dedicated to helping corporations and individuals manage strategic change, innovation, cultural transition, and goal achievement. Our clients' results are measured by quantum jumps in:

  • Productivity
  • Performance
  • Cost reduction, and
  • Asset utilization

Our approach is tailored to meet organizational goals and individual needs with proven processes. Since our inception in 1978, our unique approach has not changed to help people become more productive and effective by linking individual performance to organizational performance that produces better results and sustains success! If you are interested in learning more about RAC, visit their website or check out the RAC Blog.